Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hold on test

I did hear back from my family doctor late yesterday, she said there was no reason to order the test other than the heart doctors require it to be done before I see him. So I called the heart doctors to ask, turns out they say they do not require or ask for that test to be done before I go see him, they recommended that I see him first and go from there. I guess that is some major miscommunication between doctors.  So for today, I will cancel the scan, and wait to see the specialist on the 13th of November. Oh my gosh, Grace was just whinning and she was up on the top of our piano...OH MY!!! She is such a climber it is scarey.  Thank you all for your prayers...I really appreciate each one of you, and your sweet comments and prayers keep me going on days like this...


candice said...

Oh- I just stopped in to see if you had posted how it went... I guess no news then huh! The 13th is not that far- it's just too bad there seems to be some miscommunication going on there. I'll keep praying for your peace of mind!

And what? Gracie was on the piano?!! YIKES! Just today Elliana actually climbed up one stair and I kinda freaked out! First because I didn't realize she could do that yet, and second because I was remembering that time when your Grace fell down the stairs and how scary that was for you. The bad part is that the way our stairs are built- there is no gate that works... which scares me a bit.

Hope you are feeling better today!

Matt and Jenny said...

that's good news!