Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you Lord For all your blessings you have given our family this year, and especially our 3 amazing kids!  It is amazing to me that as we experience all of our firsts with Gracie it makes us remember where we were one year ago. One year ago we were waiting anxiously for our referral....I remember praying we would get to know who our baby was by thanksgiving, then by christmas...then finally we got our referral in January. That is a day I will always and forever remember. Such a special day! Nothing happend on "my" time of course, but did happen on Gods time. Looking back it was all perfect! We are so thankful this year to experience all the firsts with our baby girl.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Another  huge blessing is how much her big sister and brother love her so much!
It truely is amazing to see and makes my heart beat faster with such joy!

We love you sweet baby and are so thankful you are home forever!!

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Waiting4OurAngel said...

Happy Thanksgiving--you have been blessed with a beautiful family and I love following your story!