Sunday, November 15, 2009

Look Development Project for Ethiopia....

"A father to the fatherless... is God in His holy habitation. God setteth the solitary in families."
Ps. 68: 5&6

Matt & Amanda DeSarro have began a huge project in Ethiopia called Look Development. We had the privelege to spend the afternoon with them, and hearing there story is absolutly amazing. God literally has opened the doors for this project to happen! Do you ever sit in awh at times when hearing someones story? Well today that was me. The passion that the two of them have is amazing to me. Even though sometimes they don't know how all the details will work out, they obey God and go forward. God has worked out all the details and continues to work out all the details for this project to open a Christian Orphanage, to provide health care, housing for families, education, love, a well for fresh water, and agriculture supplies to many in so much need.   Today I was so inspired in so many ways to listen to the two of them tell their story, I feel I can not sit still.  My heart is being stirred up in so many ways!!

Tonight as we got the kids down for bed and my husband and I had some time to talk a little, and as many of you know we both have been really searching for God's direction in our lives. After hearing such amazing stories today your mind can go in a million different directions. What can I do to help....or you may ask yourself.. what am I doing in life that is making a difference...having a impact!  We all want to make a difference in the world right?  After hearing a story from Amanda about a father and his legacy that lives on....I was surprised tonight when my husband said "what is my legacy teaching my children".  "What am I doing to make a difference in life".  He wants to be a part of something other than the every day grind!  We both have already been having some of these similar thoughts, but after today they are much more prominent now.  This is a good thing!! I will continue to pray for Gods guidance and direction....and I have said Im waiting on God to show us, but now Im beginning to wonder if God is really waiting on be in the place he wants us to be!  Either will be interesting to see what He does. We wantn to be involved in this project...and I can definetly see myself one day taking a trip to Ethiopia.... I also know Terry can see himself doing something with children and ministry.....When and Where...and How is all up to GOD!!

Please check out more about what Matt and Amanda are doing. This is a great project to be a part of in some way if possible. Here is there web site Most of all please cover this wonderful family with your prayers as they will also be bringing two more children home from Ethiopia.

Here we gathered around Matt and Amanda to cover them in Prayer...

It is a blessing to know this family and to have spent the afternoon with them. What passion this great woman of God has!! Thank you Lord for this Angel!!
 And...I am thankful that my heart has been stirred up....sometimes that is what we all need to go out and make a seek God...and to open our eyes!


Matt and Jenny said...

i can't wait to check out their site and learn more!

Melissa said...

God is Good. Our church has a special heart for Ethiopia. We have a couple members that are long term missionaries there with a project in Addis that serves many of the Least of These. One of our dreams for our Grafted Families ministry is to coordinate an Ethiopian orphan host project. I can't wait to get in touch to find out more!

Tracy said...

Great post.. actually I just read your last few. I find myself in the same place you are. I know we are supose to do more, we want to make a difference, but just not sure how or when.

God will show us the way. We have to be willing to follow when he does.