Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Us" Time

Boy it seems like forever since we have had some time to just us! I know that is how life can get sometimes. But we have realized after tonight we need to do it more often...more often than once a year or two! I know we are pathetic. We are not ones that have even really gotten sitters for our seems too hard, and we don't have family around that can help out once in a blue moon, so we have always just done it all! and we wear ourselves out doing it most the time. Tonight we were invited to a wedding/reception/dance. I had some things I had to do today which made us miss the wedding, but we did make it to the reception/dance. We stayed for just a bit, but that "bit" was wonderful! When my hubby finally asked me to dance a slow dance with him, we both realized wow, we need to find more "us" time because this was great! After two slow dances we decided we better head home. Date nights are important and we just need to do it more often. ....I hope you are all finding time with your spouse..a little time together goes a longgg way.


Kim said...

What a cute couple you guys are!

Waiting4OurAngel said...

What a sweet pic!

Stacey said...

YOU just tell me when and I will come to town and stay at your house with your three beautiful kids while you two go do whatever you want to do with your husband and in return,,, I will drop off my boys at your house some night! :) How's that sound,,, worth it? no just kidding, you don't have to watch my kids!