Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing with Photography

Finally I got a new professional camera! I have wanted to learn more about potography forever and ever. Finally I made the investment. I have a longggg ways to go and so much to learn, but it was fun tonight to take my most beautiful model...Amanda and one of her friends on a fun photo shoot. The girls loved it so much. Tomarrow I plan on taking my three kiddos out to get some new pics. Here are just a few of the pics I got tonight.


Melissa said...

Great pictures! I call photography my "expensive hobby." But I guess most hobbies are. I've fallen in love with a FREE editing program called GIMP (www.gimp.org). It's a powerful as photoshop and you can get great plug-ins and tutorials online.
You can see what I've used it for at http://photography.thecorkums.com

Happy Shooting!

Rhea Anne said...

AWESOME... I love taking pictures. What camera did you get? I am going to try and call you today. Hope all is well. Rhea Anne

Krista said...

FUN! P.S. I LOVE the new background! Call me soon!

Stacey said...

LOVE the pictures and LOVE the new background!!!