Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Birthday Pictures....

My baby is One !
In my first post on the birthday party I did not tell you all the fun details of the party...so here it goes....We started out the big party with about 35 of our friends and family! It was so special to have them all here with us. Terry started out with a prayer for Grace and many laid hands on her also. He said one of the most special prayers I have ever heard and of course it made me cry! Then we took some pictures of Grace with her special table. When it came time to pick things from her tol table, she chose money first , (wealth), and then a spoon (great cook).."I think she was really saying she was hungry"!. Then we changed into some more comfortable cloths and had tons of food outside. We thought since it was nice and so many people that keeping all the food eating outside would be the best.

Here is a pic of Grandma and Grandpa with Grace. They helped tremendously to help get the decorations and food ready.

My precious kiddos! I love them so very much!

Cake time!! Grace had her own little cake to dig into. At first she was so gentle with it all, and like she did not want to break something. We had to help her dig in! She was soo cute that is for sure.

This pic was later after most people left...some of our good friends stuck around to help put together toys. Don't ya just love how long it takes to put things together these days? As you see there were plenty of little hands still around too.

more pics of the special day...

Birthday kisses from mama and dada

Below is Grace's birthday cake. The three candles symbolize our Family, her birth mom, and the foster Family. I have been so emotional with so many different feelings lately and gratitude for her birth mom and foster family that I felt lead to light a candle for them also today.

Cortney at Berrys best was the one that made the cake! She did an incredible job...She is the "Cake Boss". Below is half of the table. Amanda made the extra cupcakes and did a great job decorating them, and made the towers of food.

Terry carved the bunny fruits..teehee!

Just a couple more closeups of our table food.

What a great day it was for Grace! It could not have been more perfect!

Thank you Lord for our Precious baby girl!

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Melissa said...

You did a great job with her party! Maybe you missed your calling ;)

JoJo said...

Awesome Tol table! Looks like a great day.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Grace! Looks like it turned out beautiful!!

Sunnymama said...

I love all the decorations, you are very creative. The idea for the three candles is very touching.
Congratulations on her first birthday and many more to come!

Rhea Anne said...

What a great party. Happy Birthday Grace. I was in tears reading you blog about the birthmom on her b-day. They do give us the most special gift. I hope to be sending you a message about our TC soon. Have a great Wednesday. Rhea

candice said...


Wow- Tina what a beautiful job! You both look gorgeous- I love the photo when you are holding her.
How special for you to be able to celebrate with so many dear friends and family. You have so many beautiful pictures from the party too.

It makes me a little sad to think that we won't be able to do this for our girl. SHe turns one in less than 2 weeks, and I know that it is just way too soon to have something. Plus she doesn't even seem close to a one year old. Not sure what we will end up doing.

I too, loved what you wrote about the birthmom. What a wonderful gift she gave when she chose life for her baby, but I am sure so so difficult as well. Thank you for sharing!

Krista said...

Wow!! Looks sooo fun! I wish I could have been there! I was definitely thinking of you all yesterday on Grace's special day! It looks like a huge success! Love you all!

Colleen said...

What a beautiful day it looks like it was!! The table looks amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE the fruit bunnies!!!

Stacey said...

It was so awesome! You did a great job and we are so happy we were able to join in on the celebration! Congrats again on your sweet baby and her being 1!!!!!