Friday, August 14, 2009

Forts, butterflys, puppets, wigs, and no braces!

Grace adores her sister and brother. She asks for them first thing in the morning. I know if I take her with me to wake them in the morning, they will not wine. They just look at Grace and smile and kiss her! Should work great when school starts.
Are we in love or what!

Butterflys are always all over my flowers...they are so pretty

amanda has been bugging daddy all summer (really for years) for a fort to play in. Mom came up with the brilliant idea to build one in our garage rafters. So to work they all went, and as the day went on, the fort kept getting bigger. Id have to say after it was all is a place I would hang out....maybe get some me time in somehow. :-) The kids put carpet, posters, lamps and a fan up there. Since this has been a much cooler summer, they have gotten to play up there alot. Pretty fun!

Amanda and her neighbor friend with silly wigs on!! The puppets are adorable, but Grace hated them like crazy..

Is this livin or what? Grace totally in lazy mode on her new couch, little juice and her favorite is good! proud of her new smile! The braces came off the other day, and she has not stopped smiling! After she got them off we were walking out and I told her that she had a million dollar smile. She said, "well mom acually it is a 5,000 $$ smile!"


Krista said...

How fun!! Tell Amanda she looks GREAT for me!! I still remember getting mine off and how good it felt and how I couldn't stop smiling! What a fun time!

Waiting4OurAngel said...

Super cute pics!!

Rhea Anne said...

Hey girlie, everything is going well so far. Bonding well and eating great. I posted a video for everyone to watch. Thanks for checking in with me. How is Grace doing? E-mail me at and I will e-mail you my number. Can't wait to chat with you. Rhea