Friday, August 28, 2009

International Exchange Program

We found out through some good friends that the college in our area is trying to organize host families for International Exchange students. They would still live at the dorm, but we would be their host family, and spend time with them. It reminded us of our precious time last year with Woungbi(he was also and exchange student from South Korea and picture above). We miss him terribly. He will always have a very special place in our heart and be a part of our family forever. The photo above is a stop we made while we were all going to get Gracie.
We were excited about this program and the opportunity to get to know more students from Korea. So last night we attended the program and mingled around talking to the students. We connected strongly to a girl from Korea and also a girl from China. Funny thing too is when we were talking to some of the very fun Korean guys they knew Woungbi. About 5 of them know him. It will be amazing to see who they match us with for the time they are here. I woke up this morning praying for them and the changes or culture shock they may experience. Now we will see who God brings to our family! Hopefully we will know very soon.......I encourage many of you to call your colleges that are near you and find out if they have a program like this so you can connect with a student! It is life changeing for both of you.


Kim said...

I think that's such an awesome program and would love to do something like that once my kiddos are a little older!!

Awesome Korean Interb said...

what a great guy!! haha in my heart's special place always you guys are there!! love you:)