Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was the first day back to school for Bailey and Amanda. This was Amandas first year of good ol' middle school. She has a wopping 4 kids in her class including herself. The attention they will get will be amazing, and the teachers at the school soar with all the students. It is so great. Bay is a 7th Grader now, was hard to see both of them going into the same building of middle school today. I was sad last night....yes sad! IM one of those moms that loves my kids being home during the summer. We love our summers, they are so layed back and we just enjoy every minute of it. With this summer being one of the records coolest summers we did not feel like we had much of good weather. I would like to do it over please!! This morning I woke up with a pit in my stomach. IT was hard for them to say bye to Gracie this morning too. I knew it would be. ..especially for Amanda. For me...well another new chapter. Two older kids in school and now a little one home with me again. I will begin to figure out how to juggle my business and all that comes with that and being home with Grace at the same time. I have this whole month to prepare for dance classes to begin which will be very nice. Im looking forward to my one on one time with my little sweetie pie too. Twice today she went looking for Nan Nan (amanda). But after her nap we went back to pick them up and she was a happy camper to see them!

Bay being a little show off!!

Here is Grace in Nan nan's arms. She about leaped out of mine to go to her!

Well first day of school many more to go??
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Lyr said...

Oh man… Middle school, now that is a big step. HATED middle school, but I’m sure it will be better for Amanda. I love Bailey’s shorts, stylish little man!

Katie said...

trust me, I have a countdown ;) i'm a teacher, hahaha....


Anonymous said...

Oh Tina, I sooo agree with you. I just DREAD sending my girls back to school every year. I often wish that I could keep them with me always and the rest of the world could JUST WAIT! So many of my friends look forward to their kids going back to school, but I am never ready. So nice to know that I'm not the only "crazy mom" who likes to have her kiddos home with her!! :)
Your kiddos are sure growing up! What a beautiful family you guys have!!
Melissa Raad