Thursday, August 27, 2009

All you need is a Leaf!

While the other two kids are in school now, I am really able to spend some great quality time with Gracie. I believe even though the first couple days she was looking for her brother and sister, she is now totally enjoying this new "all about me" time with her mommy. I love being with her! She is sunshine in my day. This will be precious time with her. I know how fast time goes. Yesterday we went to the park to play, really all she needed was this huge leaf she found blowing in the wind. Her big thing now is to smell the "flowers"....although I would not clasify a leaf as a flower, I think she sure does. She gave me the sign that it smells yummy :-). Of course she brought it to me to smell also. Yum yum..that smells good, I said.

She would not crack a smile for me...It was all too serious with the water behind her and my keys in tow....She would rather play with my things than toys anyday.
Have a Beautiful God Filled Day!!
This flower is from my front yard.....God is amazing!


Waiting4OurAngel said...

How beautiful your pics always are. It's so much fun spending the days with our girls--wish we were closer for playdates. And yes God is so awesome--I am still amazed at all he has done!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I feel the same way you do about adoption and your little girl is adorable. We just started our adoption journey for a daughter from China. Your blog brought tears to my eyes - thanks for sharing your journey! Elisabeth

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words! You are so right, I do pray for her daily. I know she will most likely be in an orphanage but I pray the workers will be kind. It would be wonderful if she were in a foster home. Did you switch to Korea because of the wait? The wait is so long for China, we have been praying about adopting a little girl with minor special needs to shorten the wait. We are with Bethany, and they do not do S. Korean adoptions in Virginia where we live. Thanks for your encouraging words - I am a worrier and I know this process is totally out of my hands. I will keep in touch and want to read your whole blog - Have a blessed day, Elisabeth