Saturday, July 25, 2009

Preparing for the Big Birthday...

We had a ton of fun today shopping for Gracie's first birthday (coming up very soon), and sooper excited to incorporate the Korean traditions for her First Birthday! It is so exciting. Can't wait to see her in her Hanbok that her foster mother gave to her. It is simpley beautiful for sure. We got her some fun gifts...and stopped by the Korean market . It is a very small market place and not much to choose from, but we managed to find some fun things... I will have to put on my creative hat on to figure out some more. There are some very neat traditions that we will be doing for her, you'll have to check back next Tuesday night to get a peek of everything! I can't believe my baby will turn one in a little over a week now. We love her so much and it feels like we have had her more than 3 months. Then again...she was growing in my heart years ago!
I had to post these two pics today, because I'm so proud of myself for getting in another pony tail, and she kept it in! Yeah!

Grace loves to go outside and help water the flowers. She is really walking now. I will try to post another video on Sunday of her walking. It is amazing the change from just the last post. Still not walking Full time, but walking much much further distance! It is way too cute.
Have a Happy Weekend!

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Rachel said...

Love the ponytail! I will have to try to find a Korean market for sure...! Can't wait to hear all about this fabulous birthday party :)