Saturday, July 11, 2009

more miles down the road....

After my shoulder surgery, we stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's in Minnesota for a few days. Grace did really well on our first really long road trip. It took 7 hours of driving to get there. She did great other than night time rountines. But I think she just wanted mommy to hold her and I couldn't hold and feed her the bottle with my arm in the sling. Thank Goodness I only have to wear it for a couple days. This was only the second time that Grace has seen her G and G, so they really loved being able to see her.
She loved playing in the box!

Bay caught a snake! YUK!

We visited the zoo....Grace loved the she wanted to climb in with them! She is a mother hen, loves animals, and babies of all kinds and wants to always hug them and cuddle animals. IT was such a joy to see the expressions of excitement on her face.

Then we traveled 4 more hours to nanna's house (my mom)...spent some time with family and time in nanna's swimming pool! It has been fun to see everyone , but it will be great to get home and get us all back in our own beds and routines. Grace has done better now at nighttime since I have the sling off and can rock her and give her her bottle. ...but I think she is ready to get back home in her own crib too! All in all she has done great with all the traveling. She has been a gem to be around and everyone comments about how great of a baby she is! Yes we are blessed, and we know it! We will have another 4 more hours to get us back home. For me...with going to get the surgery done I will have traveled 20 hours total in the week....more pics to come!

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