Friday, July 17, 2009

3 months home

Today we celebrate Grace being home for 3 months now. What an amazing three months it has been and oh my how time flys by so fast! I see so many more families waiting for their travel calls or updated photos and I remember how very hard that time was to wait, and time seemed to go so slow. Now that she is home with us, time goes so fast I want it to slow down. We are all so in love with our sweet little baby girl. There is not a moment where she is not getting attention from someone. She is such a happy baby, her smile reminds us of "Woungbi". When he was here in the US he did nothing but smile all the time. Grace has such a great personality, she is a goofy little girl. Here she climbed up on the couch and was very proud of herself. ...and yes I got her first pony tail in her hair. YEAH!!
My little sweetie home 3 months, and is 11 1/2 months old now!

For every mommy out there this is something you need to get is called a "Beco Carrier". You can find them on line. Instead of putting all the weight on the shoulders, it puts it more around the waist. Grace will crawl to this and want me to put it on with her. I will say "do you want to cuddle", and she will give me the motion to go up! It is so cute. The past few days since we have been back from our week long trip she has been extremely clingy to me especially...I guess being away that long threw her off a bit. To help her feel more secure and close, I put her in the pack and then I can keep doing things that need to get done. Last night I walked around outside and she fell asleep pretty quickly. The carrier can hold up to 47 pounds, I can put it on without help, and it can be used as a front or back carrier. They are a little spendy , but so worth the money..every mom needs one!


Melissa said...

Congrats on 3 months! We have a Patapum toddler carrier (similar to Beco). It was worth every penny...and it cost quite a few. Mia is 4 and I still carrier her sometimes...although it's mostly for Ty. The weight limit on ours is 60 pounds.

Rhea Anne said...

I am so going to buy one of these. Pricey...yes... but I want a good one. Thanks for sharing on the BB and here. Hope you have a blessed weekend. P.S. Love the first ponytail. :0)
Rhea Anne

Kelly said...

Happy 3 months home!! I didn't realize just how young she was when she arrived! Grace is just now as old as Briar was when she came home!