Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun with Friends

It was great to get out and be with friends tonight. We need to do that more often! Our friends Stacey and Corey were great Hosts! The kids all ran around having a blast. Before we headed out, we all tried to get some group photos. We had some difficulty as you see below...but did finally manage to get a few shots! :-)

Here we all are...but missing one hubby..Our dear Hosts are on the far right (Stacey and Corey)
"Almost" all of our kiddos. We were missing a few tonight
They all had a blast playing together and running around outside with all the land and open space!
We had three new babies join us this last year. How fun! This is also our care group that Terry and I lead in the Fall. When all of us are here we had around 18-20 kids. We are all just one big happy family!
Kids make the World A Brighter Place!!

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JoJo said...

So fun! Cute pics...