Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Part of Bay's birthday celebration was that daddy would take him camping. ...Tent camping! This was a total boyz get away. They had a blast as you will see in the photos below. It was cute to see the big check list of things and Bailey counting down the days to go camping! Sooo what would the girls we stay home, or should we try our first travel trip and go surprise Nanna. Well..we decided to head on the road and go surprise Nanny and Papa! Grace does not like her car seat so I did not know what a 3 hour trip would be like. Well let me tell ya....not too great. Amanda was entertaining her the entire time....the 3 hour trip took us a little over 4 hours. Once we were there it was great to see family and show off Grace. Amanda was my super hero! ..and her little sisters!
The drive back home was about the same, and Im not looking forward to travel again for a while.
Home sweet home, really was home sweet home! It was great for the kids to do things with us each! Terry and I had not been away from eachother overnight in about 13 years...amazing huh...oh well, that is how we are!
This was the face Grace gave while we visited Nanna's house!
Amanda cute as ever!

Gracies Very First Rainbow!! It was beautiful!

anything big sissy does rocks the whole world!! They were splashing the water on the deck after the rain ......
Now the Boyz adventure went great. ...
They got camp set up, went on several hikes, fishing, and started a camp fire at night. They even got rained on and woke up wet and cold!!
Bailey worked on getting the fire wood ready!

Hiking......"watch out for the lions, tigers, and bears"!!

They truely roughed it by camping in a tent! Im very proud of them both!

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