Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grace 10 Months Old Today!

Lounging in Sissy's room!
Hello I'M a big girl!

Peek A boo!!
wow! My baby is 10 months old today. Time is going too fast! I'm so grateful that she is home. She brings such happiness to our home! Her personality is awesome! It breaks my heart that we missed out on the first 8 months of her life.... but we have a lifetime too look forward to with her now. She is doing so good. It is amazing what 6 weeks home does. She is so settled in with us now even compared to 3 weeks ago. She is definitely bonded to us and seems to be getting into a great routine. She tests out her voice allot, many new sounds and or screams....of course her big sister taught her that one! Recently we put a DVD player in the car. Since she seems to like one certain Farm video so much we thought we would try that out yesterday. It was great for a little bit to at least run some errands. But she was definitely ready to get home and roam around with freedom. She is such a little climber and we have to be on the ball watching her all the time. I think I have child proofed my home more with her than with the other two kids. She is really wanting to walk. I wonder when she will ? She is starting to say some more things one big her sister taught her was "puppy". Grace says "pupa" ...very cute. We love this little sweetie soooo much!!

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candice said...

Happy 10 months to your sweet Gracie- she is beautiful!!! What a praise that she is doing SO well with her new family!

Our baby will be 10 months in 2 weeks... oh how I am hoping and praying we don't have to miss it!