Tuesday, June 9, 2009

13 yrs ago my dad went to be with the Lord!

This photo was 15 years ago when my dad walked me to my husband!

Today...13 years ago my dad went to be with the Lord. He was only 42 at the time. ..and I still feel it was way too early for him to go. We saw mom and dad the weekend before when they came out to visit us in the new town we had just moved to. Terry and I had been married for two year at that time. I will never forget the big hug my dad gave me before they left to go back home. He hugged me and said "I'm proud of you", "I love you". I was pregnant and in bed rest with our first child, but Dad got to see the ultrasound and knew we would have a boy. He was so excited about that. The next weekend we got the call he had a heart attack, by the time we drove home he had passed away at the hospital. He will never know how much those words meant to me. I'm proud of you". My son was born two weeks later, A miracle to our family. One life was taken, but another life was given!

My dad was very special to me...
My mother had me at a young age and was married before to(my biological father). They divorced when I was 4yrs old , and later she remarried the man I new as my dad when I was 5 years old. My dad adopted me which I have always thought was very special. He loved me as his very own. I know growing up and especially in my teen years I'm sure he was not too proud of me at times, I made some mistakes and went down the wrong road at times, but through it all he still loved me. After I grew up and finished HS, I wanted to make up for any of the times I may had disappointed him, I wanted to make him proud. My life was going in the right direction. Most importantly I had found GOD! I wanted to live for Him. Later I met the man of my dreams...Terry. My dad would walk me down the ailes at our wedding. I know he was a very proud daddy at that time and felt so happy that I had found such a great man that I would spend my life with. Probably relieved as well :-) I am so thankful for finding the Lord when I did, as it was from that moment on that I never looked back, but just kept looking forward. Wanting to be the best I could be, wanting to make my dad proud. Still to this day I know he is looking down at times and I hope with a big smile at what my life it like now. I know that life is such a gift, and we should work on making a difference! I know my dad did the same. He worked hard owning his own business, he loved his family more than anything, and he showed our family a wonderful example of a loving father and devoted husband to my mom. He taught us so many things about life, and today he is greatly missed! I love you dad!

This is a picture of my mom and dad on his last christmas with us here.


Julie said...

This story made me cry. Your Dad was definitely too young, but God is in control. My Dad died when I was 19, on Christmas Day, just 4 days before my wedding. How wonderful to have good memories to hold on to!

Lucky Mama said...

Hugs loosing someone you love is always hard. Hugs to you.