Sunday, June 14, 2009

From your town to Zambia Africa...You can make a difference!

The past couple weeks we have been praying for a few of our closest friends that just recently went to Africa to the village that our church has adopted. One day I hope that we can take our kids to experience something like this. But., Today in church they all presented stories that they went through while there. It has touched me in so many ways to hear so many of the ways that God worked through this group. The people of Africa were so excited when they came, not just excited for help, but for life long friendships. A good friend of ours, Rick, below said that this man connected with him right away, he had everyones names memorized, and desired so much to have a friendship. For so many it was terribly hard to say goodbye to the people they now call friends. I have such a heart for adoption , that I know this would be especially hard for me to not bring a child home with me. It is amazing to me how God calls certain people to certain things in life. Weather that is helping and volunteering in our church ministries, taking a mission trip to help the poor, helping local families, helping a friend, a neighbor, or even when families that have a heart to adopt a child that would be an orphan otherwise. God is watching us all......what will you do today to help someone in need? No matter how big or small it all matters in God's eyes! Glorify him today and give thanks for all the many blessings you have!

Just a blanket, some shoes, food, a roof over their head, and masquito nets
are all these people wanted!
We are very proud of our friends that made it their missiong to go and help this village to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It seems to me that not only did our friends help them, but the African people also helped our friends.....helped them see life much differently...with open eyes!
Are your eyes open today?

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