Monday, June 15, 2009

So Stinkin Cute....

Yeah ..we have two more top teeth making their way in..and "Im in a great mood mama"
Im not ready for all these teeth to come in. After waiting two years for this sweet little baby of mine, I still want her to be my little baby...teeth make them look grown up too fast.
The time is going so fast now that she is home!
Many of my blogger friends emailed me and told me their little Korean babes make this same snorty face. I think that is so funny. Just think if we all could get together, our babies would snort at eachother! I can see it now. haha!

My great friend Stacey is always spoiling Grace with the cutest gifts of all time. This week she brought this cute little butterfly outfit over. Big Sis Amanda didn't waste a minute before getting it on Grace. She played in it for quite a long time. :-) Totally adorable.

Ok, this is also one of the newest faces. Amanda calls it the fish funny!


Sunnymama said...

She is just getting cuter with every picture!

Katie said...

Ah yes, fish lips are my favorite....and Paul does them with gusto as well! She really is SO CUTE.

Katie M.

Rhea Anne said...

Yes... Lennon makes that cute little pucker face. It would be GREAT if we could get them together one day... maybe close to a beach. Sounds like a VACAY to me. She is getting so cute and yes growing up to fast. I want my baby home. She is growing up without me. Have a great week, Rhea Anne

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, she is SO adorable! Briar came home with 8 teeth and sometimes I use to get sad that we didn't ever get to see that gummy smile!!!!