Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bailey!!!! Today as I write, half of me is sad and half is really happy. Sad just because time has really seemed to go sooo very fast. But happy because I see the great little man you are becoming! 13 is really special! It is great to see your heart for Jesus. I love to see that. It is cute when you are little, but you've gotten older I can't even explain the feeling in words when you says things like "lets all pray about this". You know we will drop anything we are doing to come and gather to pray. I know you adore your sisters and how family is so important to you. You are like your daddy in that way. (the photo above is right after you were born)

Bailey was born 3 weeks early, 5Lbs, 12 oz at 11am, and was totally healthy. I was in bedrest for 3 months and in the hospitol with him twice to stop labor. It was a long and hard pregnancy...but alllll worth it!!! Our Miracle son!

Above...Bailey's First Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday Grace thought she would share her freezy with big Brother! Pretty Cute.

Happy Birthday Bailey!! 13 is going to be so fun!
We love you so very very much and are very proud of you! Remember family is forever!
Love you always,

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Rhea Anne said...

Happy Birthday Bailey... you seem like such wonderful son and a great Christian young man. You make your Mom and Dad so proud.