Monday, August 23, 2010

We survived the first day..

This morning came very fast, and the kids were up and totally ready. Cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven made them smile :-) Off we went to the school. They were both very quiet, and then as we got closer Amanda said "wow, lots of kids mom". I had to agree there really were alot of kids. Big change for them. I had to hold back my tears to be strong. I prayed with them before school and wished them a great day. they smiled and went on their way. Ugh...a lump in my throat and tears go down my cheeks as I drive away. My kids are growing up and God please be near them. Please give them favor!  My mom called at just the right moment. Amazing how comforting it is to just hear your mom's voice no matter what aga you are. I came home with Gracie and had to get busy busy...I cleaned out closets and got the entire house cleaned and rearranged furniture and house decorations, spent time playing with Gracie and doing her nails. As you see below :-) Before I knew it, it was noon and they were home again and with Smiles.  They had a great day. Lots of different things to get use to , but all went well. They made a comment about how the house was rearranged and totally cleaned. "wow mom you just went crazy getting things done".  Later there was a opportunity to go meet all the teachers so we went back over in the afternoon to do that. Now tomarrow real school starts and I am sure they will both come home with home work. YUK!! All in all we all survived...!!

Gracie wanted her nails done and "with tickers mama". She was so proud and showed them off all day.
Sooooooo Sweet!!!

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Stacey said...

So glad the big kids (and you) survived the first week of school! and Gracie looks so cute in her yellow and black outfit with those adorable nails!