Friday, August 27, 2010

Spell Checking/blog etiquette?

Today I find a messge someone left me telling me how to spell a word correctly. Really? Someone is spell checking me! Is this really proper blog etiquette? I guess I have never left a message like that for someone. Maybe from my own mother I would expect something like that , but someone who can't even give there name and just happens to hop on my blog? humm.  I guess I can know that while I was pouring my heart out on the pages of my blog that someone at least was wanting me to know how to spell the word tomorrow correctly! LOL.
By the way..I appreciate you all who leave me great messages of encouragement and support! That is what I love about the blogging world and community! Support!


Anonymous said...

Just thought you should know that, when I was on your blog (not sure if its like this for everybody) but, I cant read your text since its black and your backgrounds black.

Ellen said...

Seriously???? Urgh!

Well if it helps at all I have been so scatter-brained lately my spelling has been horrible! Hopefully they won't stop in my blog...I am sure I would have plenty of corrections:0