Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last weekend before school begins....mommy tears..

The family cabin is a great get away from all the business of life.  We are fortunate that it is not too far from us. So it is easy to get in the car and go for the weekend.  We had a great relaxing time together and spent this afternoon at the cabin pool just hangin out. The kids talked to us off and on today about going to school tomarrow. I know it is a huge adjustment for them, but I sure pray that is is going to be a good year and they can have a positive experince. Tonight as we are home now, we were making sure they both had everything ready. Amanda has all her cloths picked out for two weeks. :-) I'd say she has alot of cloths. Bailey ..well he is a boy and will just decide in the morning. Tonight Im making cinnamon rolls for them. It is their favorite thing in the world for breakfast. Tomarrow I will drive them to the new middle school of around 400 kids. (this puts a pit in my stomach tonight). And tomarrow I will drive away a sad mommy. I am certainly a mommy that LOVES having her kids at HOME!!!  I think every year I go away with tears rolling down my cheeks, but this year is even different with them starting this new public school adventure. No there is really no doubt that we have made the right decision, but it is still a hard one to digest as well....It is change...and this mom does not like change at all!!  Gracie and I will be hangin out at home and I know she will be missing them both like crazy. She adores them and loves to play with them. I hope I do not bore her. :-)  Tonight as the kids went to bed we prayed with them about several different things. I hope this gives them and me comfort to sleep well tonight. Here are a few pics from this weekend. Enjoy!
Mommy playing...
Sister Love...night night!!

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