Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer is over and back to blogging..

Some of you have probebly wondered where I have been, and others have probebly also been so busy you have not noticed. This summer has been full of fun things for our family and busy schedules. ..but not as busy as the fall is. Which is what makes saying goodbye to summer so very sad. Next week school begins again, and soon (3wks) I will be back to teaching dance for the season. Next week we will all be adjusting to getting to bed on time and dragging our feet in the early morning. Our kids are now attending public school here in our town. We took a tour this week and they are happily excited!  Summer has been so great and it sure seems so short. I am so happy we took our trip to Florida Cocoa beach..this made our summer extra extra special for us all and it was something our whole family needed desperatly. Next time all I can say is that we need to stay for two weeks not just one. Im saving right now for the next trip. :-)

Is is just me or does time go fast?  My mom always says to me "the older you get the faster time goes". Well I want to get old, but I sure would like for it not to go so fast. At the same time isn't it interesting that when life gets hard, time seems to move slow and can't move fast enough, and when things in life are good time seems to move too fast and we want to slow it down. I look at my kids and wonder where on earth time has gone. It keeps moving...thank God~!  Sometimes I feel like I don't age, and sometimes I feel like I look very old...(guess it depends on the day)...I want to grow old, and yet I certainly am trying to capture my youth at the same time......Yes I'm up down and all around on this one these days!  Does anyone els feel this too, or is it just me?
Just my I am happy to be back to blogging again!

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Dina said...

I am right there wth you these days. Having kids feels like you have boarded the fast forward train. Some days, your cool & hip mom and then others, you find yourself doing something you swore you would never do. All the transitioning too is a real test of character. Guess it makes us well rounded.