Monday, August 9, 2010

Just for a Season...

This year we are making the big jump from our kids attending Christian Schooling to now going into public school. One 8th gr and one 6gr. My heart is filled with mixed emotions..especially when one of son is not to fond of the idea at all. But then again he is alot like his mom, and I like what I know and what is comfortable. Amanda is pretty ok with the idea.  At the private school they atteneded there were only about 5 kids in there class room. I knew they were getting the one on one attention you only dream about, and not to mention the great spiritual guidance and teaching.  Now they will be put into a class of about 25-30 kids. No praying in the morning, or during the day, no bible class! I will greatly miss this for them, and they even have mentioned it to us and how different that will be. We have needed to make this change for many different reasons...I just pray that this year will go great for them, and I pray that they have a heart close to Jesus and will continue to seek him on their own as well..and not just because their parents do.  I pray for their strength and all the knowledge that they know to give them strength during the hard times. Yes I know they are not going off to college, but this is a big deal when your child has had prayer and spiritual guidance from teachers since the 1st grade. This next week will be the last full week of summer vacation. It feels to me like the summer just began. Soon my house will be quiet again...too quiet for me. It will just be Gracie and I , and I will also be back to work at my dance studio. My season begins on the 30th of this month. So right now I am doing much of my planning, organizing and registrations. Yep summer is coming to a close and I am not too happy about it. It kind of makes me sad.......But I guess it was just another season, and seasons only last or a while.

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Ellen said...

I will be praying for your kids as they go through this transition.

Our oldest is in private school and I can only imagine how hard the transition for him would be.

I am sure they will have a wonderful year and I will be praying that God will place teacher's in their paths that are Christians and willing to still provide godly guidance and encouragement!

Enjoy the last week of summer...our son started back today :( Oh well, I still plan to hit the pool tonight :)