Thursday, January 15, 2009

Off the Paper work goes!! Yeah!

Wow...what a week! Im not sure I even remember going to work or anything els except that God blessed us with this beautiful little angel. We have her pictures everywhere, and many many times one of us is caught staring and gazing into her eyes! We are totally in love with her. Waiting to hold her is harder than we ever imagined it would be! Just pray God gives us the strength we need and that he will bring her home in a few months. I dream of holding her on stage at our Spring Production with the dance studio. I want to show the world our little miracle! It is so neat to see our whole family espcially her grandparents getting all goofy over her. One of them has already been out shopping for her! Tonight we are up late filling out the final paper work and final payment to bring her home. Tomarrow Friday morning we will get it all notarized, then off it will go! Amazing and overwhelming how much there is to this. Many of it is stuff we already did in the beginning, and so it is all alot of repeat information and forms. You would think they would have it on file? ! We plan to get this all mailed tomarrow, Then we wait for them to get through all the paper work ...mostly immagration work. Korea will be escorting baby Grace here to the US. So now we will once again wait for that most important phone call. I dream of that day! thank you all for keeping posted on our journey. Your support means alot to our family! God Bless!

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