Thursday, January 8, 2009

Great Update

Every day many times a day I find myself just talking and praying to God about many things in life and alot for our baby. This whole experience it completly amazing to me and my family. To know that God cares about us all so very much is very comforting. His grace is amazing, and His love is never ending! To think He is bringing us our baby from clear across the world into our home is truely miraculous! He placed adoption in my heart 8 years ago, and now it will come true. One of my good friends was in town this week and we had coffee, she remembers me talking about the dream of adoption that long ago and she is so happy, and thinks it is so neat to see it finally happen.

Great news....

Tonight we finally got an update from Holt, our adoption agency. Usually it comes on the 3rd or 4th, so I was getting a bit concerned about it now being the 8th of January. So tonight it finally our update came through email. (they update us monthly on which families they are working on for a placement of a child. ) I am happy to report great news. We are so excited to say officially for sure we will be getting our referral anyday now! YIPPY.

We went out to eat with some friends tonight and I honestly could not even think about anything els but our baby. I came home and started cleaning out closets. Terry came around the corner and said "what are you doing...nesting"? Well I hadn't thought about it, but I guess I probebly am. We need to get many baby things, and will do that as soon as we get the photo of our baby girl or boy. Please keep this all in your prayers please.

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