Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Moms Heart!

Well all the paper work went in the mail on Friday morning. Wow was that a load of papers. Now 6 weeks to get our legal papers for her, then we can finally file the I600 form that is for immagration to bring her home! It is really sad that we have to wait hold her. We all fall in love with her more and more every single day. We went shopping this weekend, and I'd have to say Grace made out really good! Lots of great sales going on, so I picked up some cloths for her for next winter, and some for when she arrives. We found a great crib. The boys (Terry and Bay) set it up and Amanda and I put in the new bedding! I looked over and notice Bailey crying, then Amanda, then me! We were a mess! Terry walked back in the room and hugged us all! It was really emotional to see the kids miss her, and want her home just as we do, they love her soooo much. I can imagine how much they will spoil her when she gets here. Im glad this is my busy season with the dance studio (just to make time go faster), but honestly my mind is on her constantly. So much to the point IM not sleeping very well, I lay and think about her, and pray for her all night! I know I must trust God that He will take care of her and meet her every single need. It is just so hard now that we know she is our daughter to not have her home with us yet. This whole experience is surely growing us in many ways I could not have imagined. I guess each day that goes by is one step closer to getting her home! This Sunday we are going to a celebration gathering, we will meet families in the process and families who have their little ones home. Should be very fun, we are looking forward to it.
God Bless!

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