Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God Sent Us An Angel!!! Our Baby Grace!

It's A Girl!! She is beautiful! Im overwhelmed with such gratefulness to God! I can not even think straight today or barely type. I got the call this morning at 8am just as I was dropping the kids off at school. So they were excited to hear the great news too. It's a girl!!Her birth date is August 4,2008. Remember God gave me a dream about a girl on August 30th. ...How amazing! When she was born she weighed 5lbs 5 oz. Her Korean name is Yi Gyeonge(shine) Eun (grace). She truely is our little miracle and has been loved for so long. Now of course I can not wait to hold my little one in my arms. She has such lovey eyes and the cutest button nose and the sweetest lips! I love her sooo very much. I can not imagine now waiting for her to be with us, but that is just what we have to do. God will give us the strength to do so. We will get our package of more photos and all the information about her tomarrow. We will then have to wait 6 weeks to get the legal papers from Korea. Then we will file the I600 to immagration. Once that is there it can be 2-5 months for them to travel. They escort her to Denver Colorado, and we meet there. Please join with us in prayer for our little angel that we will be holding her in 2 months! God can do all things, and I know he can move paper work!! Thanks for your support and prayers. They mean the world to us. I just had lunch with Terry who is also overwhelmed with such great emotion. I hugged him as he went back to work and I said...I look pretty good for just having a baby don't I? He laughed! We are so happy. God Bless!!

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