Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wrapped around her little finger!!

Yes this little Miss certainly has her big brother Bay bay wrapped around her finger. It is cute, Pretty much anything she wants she knows she can come to him and ask. Especially when she says "big broder bay bay"...He then just smiles and does pretty much what she wants. SHe loves to be like a big kid, especially with her brothers I pod. ..
There are 12 years between these two, but there love for eachother is huge. Some people have asked us how was it to "start all over again with a little one". Well for us we new we wanted to have more children, and really is it not about the years between kids, but more the love they share that is important. If we would have stopped just because we have two older children then we would not have our little Gracie, which I can not even imagine. We felt God leading us in this direction, and he had the perfect baby that He blessed us with! She brings such joy to our whole family!!!  The two older kids love and adore their little sister and vise versa. For my husband and I , we just slipped right back into the little baby stuff with no problem...I guess when you desire something like having another child so much and go into it with a great attitude then it all happens very naturally again. Someday maybe we will be blessed with one more..time will tell! :-)

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Waiting4OurAngel said...

So very cute...the love they share shines through every pic!!