Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Fun

This weekend we went to my bro's house to celebrate my little nephews 5th birthday. They live in a really nice area away from town so the kids can do all kinds of fun things..Here are just a few pics to share.
Bay was on cloud Nine just riding the four wheeler. Then he got me to ride with him.
We stopped by the creek to cool off. It was a hot day..but perfect weather!
And this is the birthday Boy...little Rylan is 5 years old already! This was his bday gift from his mom and dad..he is thinking he is pretty cool little dude. He has my heart that is for sure!

Then my bro wanted to take us driving through the hills with his new toy he got to just goof around in...This was a total blast as we all rode along for the ride. It is fun things like this that create fun memories. Below the mama dear took off as we drove by, her baby was left and totally froze and did not move out of this position. Poor thing...was so cute!

Amanda with her other cousin Dillan. She is my brothers daughter. I think her and Amanda look so much alike. They totally adore eachother. We thankfully only live about 10 miles apart..and we hope to see them more this summer!
What a great ending to a great sunday!

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