Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More on Your Child's SS Number.....part 2

Ok, so I got a few questions from others on this issue i wrote about earlier today.. Titled "YOur child's SS number - Post adoption " Please click on that link in case you missed it .

When we got our daughters passport we were told we needed that because it will say us citizen on it. This way when we apply for the SS card, they will see she is a US citizen,and it should also have the same title!  Our goal is so that when we get the SS number we have the title US CITizen...if you read that link you will see why this is so important as they get older!

Ok so one question was
*what did we take to the office to get her passport? We had to take her Birth Certificate, the Adoption decree, and her Korean passport. They would have taken her Green Card, but we did not feel comfortable sending that off with them. Glad they took the Korean passport. The Adoption decree shows she is a us citizen (not sure why we can't just take that to the SS office, but nothing is easy is it?).
The passport came with in a couple of weeks. We took that to the SS office so they had i guess more proof that she is a US Citizen.  NOw her SS  card better come back saying this..or els :-) You do not know the title unless you call and ask either.

So if you got the SS number with out a passport or the COC, I would call to be sure it says "US citizen" as a title.

Another question I got was
*how long did it take to get her Birth Certificate? It took us one month from our finalization day.

Yes all this can be very frustrating and also put off getting taxes done..this is what happened with us. ..lesson learned here is get the passport or COC right after your finalization day (as soon as you have the birth certificate) ...don't procrastinate like we did because it all still takes more time to get it all done.
Please if you have more questions or comments please leave them, this is all so helpful for all of us families!



Melissa said...

If you need a SS# ASAP for taxes, you can use the green card to get a social in your child's Korean name as a Resident Alien or Permanent Resident. Once you get a US passport, you can have the name and citizenship changed for the assigned number.

Kelly said...

Not trying to hijack your post, but you actually don't need the birth certificate for the passport application and it is usually better to give them the green card rather than the Korean passport because the greencard can be replaced if lost, the Korean passport cannot. :O)

So glad that Grace's passport came so quickly!!!!!!