Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Dresses for Orphans"

"Holy Disontent" is certainly what I have been feeling for many months now....I know that God has been leading me to be a voice for orphans of our world, I know this without a doubt, I know he would like to put me into action rather than doing nothing. I still do not know exactly where He is going to lead me to, but in the mean time I have decided that I can not sit still any longer and I want to start to do something. I have decided to start an outreach for the month of February called "Dresses for Orphans".  With owning a dance studio and having a zillion girls I guess this is where I decided to start. I announced it in my newsletter last week and the kids are getting really excited. Then I decided to ask my kids school if they would not mind also jumping on board and let me put up a couple flyers. They just said Yes! So this morning I decided to send my pastor an email and ask if the church would also get on board with this. Hopefully I hear good new on that today as well.  The goal number I had in my head is a strong 200 dresses. But I am excited to see what God will really bring! Finally my passion and energy can be focused in one area to make a difference. I know it may be something small, but it is something that will put a smile on many of the orphaned girls in Ethiopia Africa. As I have posted before I don't know which organization God wants me to work with, but I have had contact with 3 different ones. I know he will open the door wide to where ever he wants me to go. For now Im collecting dresses, and I know God will unfold all the details of what orphanage in Ethiopia Africa they will go to . I am praying big and that we can send them to about 3 different ones! Hang on tight ...the ride begins!! If you would like to donate dresses please contact me by email and I will get you an address to send them to! Please keep our family and this outreach in your prayers! Thanks you and God Bless!


Mel said...

we have friends who adopted from Ethiopia and have friends there that run a sponsorship program that may be able to use the dresses. they also have a relationship with their daughter's orphanage. we also have a friend from church who served there for 2 years at an AID project who may have some connections.
you can also check out for organizations working in Ethiopia.

BTW, what a fabulous idea!

candice said...

Hey Tina!
It has been awhile since I have commented, but wanted to tell you just how much I have LOVED reading about the journey that the Lord is taking you on as you stand up and advocate for orphans. This has been a similiar prayer of mine as well and we are kind of in the same beginning process of dreaming and praying about where the Lord is leading us.

One thing I am excited about is that we are going to be attending the Orphan Summit in MN April 29 and 30. Not sure if you could manage to get there, but it is going to be a wonderful conference full of great speakers (John Piper, Steven Curtis Chapman) and lots of resources for how to really care for orphans.

Oh and I am praying about going on a trip with visiting orphans as well. If you haven't been to their site- they have a great vision of really mobilizing people to GO. They have a trip coming up in the summer to go to Ethiopia and Uganda!

I'd love to hear more about the dresses for orphans too... :-)

Jen said...

How wonderful! Be sure to post the details and flyer for us all to see when you are ready. I'm sure you can get many more than 200!!!

Allen and Kala said...

I wish I had some girl dresses to give you. You are doing a great thing and I am anxious to see what God will do too!!

Kristin said...

Hey please email me at with the details on where and when to send some dresses! Thanks, Kristin