Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adoption Tax Credit...

ThereI saw this post on another bloggers site  "FOr Such As These" and wanted to help spread the word!
There is a bill - H.R. 213 Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee Act of 2009 that is in committee right now in congress that enables adoptive family to get a credit on taxes for their adoption expenses. If it doesn't pass, I have been told that it will go it will go back down to $5000 (this bill is for around $12,000 over a 5 yr period) This credit is what a lot of families rely on (including us) to use to pay off their adoption debt.

I did some research this morning. Here is a link showing where this bill is at and to keep updated on it.
If you could take five minutes to go to the site below to contact our officials and let them know that you support this act, I would appreciate it (as will other adoptive families!)
Here is a link that will walk you through telling your elected officials what you think. You search by zip code for your officials and then if you hit contact you can use a web form to contact them.
I am also asking other adoptive families to also help spread the word on this issue to all family and friends!


Beth said...

I've started a Web site to share tips on how people can easily write to their representatives and senators to save the adoption tax credit. It also provides links to updates on the bill -

Please feel free to add to it and share any other tips or updates you have. Thanks!

Beth said...

Thank you to Rep. John Carter U.S. Representative of Texas’s 31st District for becoming the latest sponsor of H.R. 213. Go Texas!