Saturday, January 16, 2010

One year ago.The call came....You have a GIRL!!

One year ago January 13th the call finally came that we were waiting for. We did not know if we would be placed with a girl or a boy, but when the call came on this winter morning it was the best news we had ever heard. I remember it like it was Yesterday. I was dropping the other two kids off at school when just before they got out of the car our social worker called and said I have good news for you.....You have a girl!!  I think I was in shock because I had to tell her to repeat herself. Her name is Gyeong eun (this means shinning Grace). We named her Grace! She is 5 months old. ...and she went on to tell me more details about our baby girl we had waited so long for. The kids were so happy and I know it was hard for them to go to school that day. I then drove to my husbands office to share the news with him ...I walked in with a huge smile and said well daddy we have ourselves a sweet baby girl. He was in shock and thought at first I was kidding. Then realized very soon I was serious, and we hugged and cried together! By the time I got home there was an email from Holt with all of her information, past history, birth family history, and health history....along with her photo. This photo became the next thing I could hold on to and look at for many hours of each day. We were all so happy and that night we made a zillion phone calls and made a Korean dinner to celebrate. It was so great to finally see who our baby is. ...and now the rest of the wait was so difficult. We wanted to hold her, love her, and kiss those sweet cheeks. This is the only photo we had of her for another 3 months. I believe I got a care package ready that same week and shipped it to Korea to our daughter. I filled it with clothing, a purple bunny, some other toys and a photo alubum of the family she would soon have. Later we did finally get about 5 updated photos...I remember just crying when I saw these because I just wanted to hold her so badly, and the joy of seeing her holding the bunny I sent to her was so cute! 

If you want to read more about these moments you can click here:   January 2009  I know for me to read others journeys to there babies helped me tremendously! God bless!


Rachel said...

What an adorable referral photo! She has grown so much! Isn't it amazing to remember that special day when you first found out about your daughter? Love this post!

3 Blessings said...

I can't wait for our call like special. Thank you for sharing.

Allen and Kala said...

Oh, the story makes me smile! I'm going back to read it all again!!