Friday, January 15, 2010

9 months home and 17 months old.

Gracie 9 months home and 17 months old! What a fabulous and funny baby girl she is! She loves to try to keep up with her big brother and sister all the time. She wants her own computer, her own colors, her own books, Ipod, what ever it is that they have, she thinks she is big just like them. If we try to feed her at all ...forget it, she tells us no, and she wants to do it herself. If she could sasy the words "i can do it , i can do it" trust me she would be saying it all the time. Speeking of words...oh my goodness she is talking alot all the sudden. Every day every hour she is saying and repeating words we use. It is so fun!! She loves to walk around in my shoes..especially the high heeled ones. She loves books and cuddle time, and playing catch with her puppy. Most of all she is ours and we love her to pieces!!How blessed we are!

Grace loves to color in her color books. Here she is totally concentrating..looks like her big sissy when she is studying for a big test or something..haha!

Ooops mommy is watching me..haha!!

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Waiting4OurAngel said...

Yay happy 9 months home!!! She is too cute and I love how much she adores her sister and brother. Makes me want another baby very soon!