Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exchange program..

This week we met several other Korean Exchange students attending the college near us. I think about 13 more are here for the next half of the year. They all pick an American name and so he wants us to call him Eric. For those of you that remember and have been following our journey for the past year or so remember that we met an exchange student named Bi a couple months before Gracie came home. YOu may remember how close we became to him and how he is now a part of our family forever! Well..Eric is acaully a friend of Bi's! I think this is just awesome, and we love meeting students from our daughters country. I know one day when we visit South Korea that we will have a community of family welcoming us with open arms! Im sure I will have more fun things to show you as we get to know Eric more this next semester! Our girl student CJ is coming back for this next semester, so we are glad we have not had to say goodbye to her yet.
Have a blessed weekend!

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