Sunday, January 24, 2010

Holy Discontent...

Holy Discontent..."A phrase describing an innter turmoil brought on by something you see or hear that you can't stand idly by and do nothing about". Sitting in church on Sunday I could not believe it when I heard our pastor give this feeling a word. I have never heard of this before. But what a relief to have a word for what I have been going through. What God has been doing within me....
 I felt once again that through everything I have been going through with this inner stirring from God, this pushing from God..that this sermon was just what I needed to hear. Don't you love when this happens. If you read my post from Jan 22 you will see what I am talking about. Acually I have written posts several months ago where I was talking about this same feeling I was having. So today he gave different examples of people who had this Holy Discontent..this feeling pushed them into action, pushed them into changing something. I too know for a the depth of my core that I am suppose to be doing something that has to do with orphans... to be a part of something, somewhere...This is what I am waiting to hear from God on. I know in His wonderful time he will show me what exactly it is. It may not be a awh ha moment, it may come as bits and pieces, but He will show me! My husband said tonight "I can really feel God is moving, I can really feel he is working in our lives".  It was amazing to hear he has some of the similar feelings as I .  I really do not feel it is something small in fact it kind of scares me that it may be something big. Big is good right! I also feel we are to adopt again, and in talking to my husband tonight he feels the very same way. I guess this also confirms things more too. Im not sure from where, Im not sure how, but I know my heart seems to go to Ethiopia. Or how can it not be pulled to Haiti now with all the devastation that the children of Haiti are experiencing. So many of them will be with out families. It breaks my heart into pieces to watch the news and see the pain that they are experiencing there.

As I tuck my kids in tonight I will say an extra prayer over them, kiss them a million times more, hang on to them tighter, and Tell God again how thankful I am for my family, my children, His blessings, and His dedication and patience he has with little ol me!  :-)

My prayer: "God I know your stirring my heart to the point of where I can not think about anything els anymore. I can not sit still anymore!! I feel you are pushing me towards something with orphans, and to be involved and help them in some way, I feel your leading me, I feel your pushing me....Father Show me , show me where, with who, with what! Bring me in contact with the right people! Lord I am your hands and Feet! To all Glory be to You Lord!"

Are you also experiencing Holy Disontent? Remember it is us that can make a difference! Let God take your hand and lead you ...lead you to make a change for someone...for help make lives better!

Of course I can not post with out a photo can I?? ...So I leave you with this sweet moment....This is the first time Gracie was finally in my arms. The day she came into our lives is the day God changed us forever! "Our eyes are forever open"! She looked at me for the first time and she smiled as if she was saying.."I'm home mommy, I am home"!!


Lauren said...

what a precious picture!! Great post too! Thank you for stopping by to introduce yourself! Your daughter is precious - I am so happy she's finally home!! I think it's wonderful that you already are exploring Ehtiopia for adoption!! Please keep me updated! I am thankful to meet another sister in HIM!! :)


3 Blessings said...

I love that picture. I am praying for your family that He will lead you to His will.

Ellen said...

Wow. Holy Discontent. What an awesome term in regards to what it represents. Thank you for sharing. We will be praying for you as you seek to know where He is leading. There is nothing more exciting or scary as standing on the presipice of change, not knowing where the next step will take you, but knowing when you step God will be faithful.

I am from the Holt BB.

Jen said...

Holy Discontent... I so know what you mean. Thank you for putting a name to it for me. I thought I was being led to start or work with an Orphan Ministry, but I just don't know anymore.

I hope that the plans for both of us are unveiled soon!