Monday, February 3, 2014

Feeling helpless....

I know we all hate it when our kids are not well. Its a terrible feeling. Seems even worse when you go to the Dr and still leave with no real answers except well try this, or try that, or here are some drugs to try. This past week I have had it with going to Dr visits. My oldest Amanda struggling with migraine headaches for a while now and after MRI coming back clear, blood work clear and Imatrex not working for her. I went to see another Dr.  After the visit we left with 2 new prescriptions. Perscriptions that were not even explained to me, and I was not even told what the Dr was wanting to put her on.  One of the perscriptions the pharmacy would not release because they felt they needed more of a reason from the Dr to even give it to us and the other drug she prescribed  had 2 pages of warnings on it that he told us to be sure to read on.  Needless to say we are opting out of giving her this medication that seems to have way too many warnings and side affects listed with it. This could affect her long term and I don't want that. So with that we are back to square one in trying to find her answers for her headaches. We are leaning to try Chiropractic care and see if that may help.

Then my little Gracie is struggling with Hives. We are not sure what brings them on, but this morning she woke with them all over and really bad. Never seen such a thing. So into the Dr again for her. To leave being told to not use just benedryl but to use Zyrtec too. Both over the counter.  So now we are home and they are still not better. I ache for her and I feel helpless when I can not just make both kids better. Is it just me, or are there others out there that feel like we have to do our own digging to find answers for medical things. Weather searching google, or , seems parents more and more have to self diagnose. I guess that is why they call this "Practicing medicine" , because they are really practicing!!!  
 Never seen hives so severe before!! Breaks my heart an I just pray these meds will help by morning!

So if you are reading this tonight and believe in the power of prayer I am asking that you please keep them both in your prayers! Right now this mama is about worn out with worry!!

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