Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bay's Ski Trip!!

For the second year in a row Bailey has had the opportunity to go on a fun ski trip with his buddy and his family . This year His buddy's dad took them all on a total boys trip!! This year was Steamboat Springs Colorado!! He has become a very good snow boarder. This year bought himself a go pro and has a ton of fun making fun video's of his jumps. As a mom makes me a bit nervous when i see that he was going 46mph down the hill!! ugg..But I am so thankful for this family that always includes him in the fun !! Love my son and the great little man he becoming. Time goes fast and I am realizing that he only has another year at home before he graduates from High school. God time goes too fast!! 

His view from the condo! Breath taking!!
And here is the whole crew!!

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