Monday, August 31, 2015

Change is NOT easy, But Change CAN be GOOD!!

One of the most powerful things you can do as a married couple is to pray together out loud. Marriage is not easy and we all have our ups and our downs. We have had many challenges through out our 21 years of marriage. We have laughed, we have cried, but the important thing is we keep fighting to make it!!  Getting on the same page in life has been making a difference in our relationship. Praying together has helped us to do just that.

Do you ever feel like HE is silent?  Maybe it is that we are just not listening long enough. I don't know, but a few weeks ago in my prayer time I was telling God I feel he is far away and silent, I asked him to please give us some hope. We have has many prayers for my husband to find a different job closer to home.  But, a week later a job opportunity dropped in MY lap. I was told about this job on a Thursday, Interviewed on a Friday and was offered the job 3 hours later. If I was to be working full time, it needed to be something to work better with my schedule with my kids.  Well this job is all that and more. I will be working in the school district about 10 miles from our home as a librarian & teacher aide. The benifits are great and we also decided to move our daughter to the same town I will be working in as well.  This has been a big adjustment for her. Starting over with new little friends and new school, but I am trusting that things will all work out great. Her and I will have the same schedule and I will be off at 2:45 just like her. I am so thankful for this job!!  Now, we still have one BIG missing piece to the puzzle. A big piece, and huge piece,is my husband finding a job closer to home as well. We are waiting on God now and praying constantly about this.  I honestly feel like I was given this job, we moved Grace to the new school, and now I just know Terry will be next, and I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for him!!

No matter what is going on in your relationship, no matter how hard it gets, I am here telling you that if you both get on the same page and seek out the Lord as your guide, you can do anything. He will not lead us down the wrong path. His path is the right path....always. We are not perfect, never will be and I am sure we will have more challenges-because that is life. But we can go through them together. Don't give up. It just might be the best thing you do. 

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