Thursday, September 18, 2014

Something to always remember-Dream Big

Sometimes events in life our done to us not the show our weakness but to discover our strengths. I learned who doesn't look for you, doesn't miss you, and who doesn't miss you doesn't care for you.  That destiny determines who enters your life, but you decide who stays.  That the truth hurts only once and a lie every time you remember it.  There are three things in life that leave and never return: words, time and opportunities; therefore, value whoever values you and don't treat as a priority whoever treats you as an option.  Don't love what you can't trust.  Don't judge what you don't know.  Don't live life waiting for something to happen.  People who succeed in life are the ones who takes chances, and who don't look for others opinions to dictate there life.  That dreams are built for those to BELIEVE in them!!

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