Thursday, December 29, 2011

Visiting home to see family

Since terry just started his new job, he has no vacation leave, so this week the kids and I took a trip home to see some family and my best friend now and from highschool. It was a really quick trip,but worth it so that we could see everyone just a bit. Here are some quick snap shots...that were taken at my grandmas "shop".
My Grandma (we are at her shop) They don't live in town so when the weather gets bad they stay at the extra room at the shop so they are closer to family . 
 My aunt Sandy (who is like a second mom) and uncle Bob.
 My Grandma Hope- Missing my grandpa who went to be with the Lord 2 yrs ago.

LOL, my mom bought me this..cute huh?
 My best friend now and from highschool was at our hometown so we had to get home to see her ...she only gets close maybe once a year or twice..Luv this girl..she is like a sister!
 going out to we go

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