Sunday, December 18, 2011

run, run, run...

Tonight I realized that Christmas is only days away ..I am suddenly feeling overwhelmed with getting my shopping all done and this week is filling up with things that need to be done. Since I am not working things are also tighter so need to be a little more creative with what I buy all the "extra" people. I am feeling overwhelmed with the balance of keeping our traditions fun for the kids and yet getting everything done this week that I need to. I finally tonight ordered Christmas cards...not even sure I will get a letter out. I did get it wrote up. But on the note of Christmas letters do people really sit and really read through them or does everyone not really have the time right now to sit and read the bla bla bla of what we are all up to!!??   It seems my days are normally pretty easy going, but here in the next two weeks they are completly full and not enough time to get things done,  and also see friends that I don't see too often that will be around.

Ok...Deep breath and a good nights rest will hopefully help me gather myself and get organized this week. I like my ducks in a row that is for sure. What ways do you keep your sanity during the holidays?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Christmas letters personally! I read every single word! And then re-read, share with family, etc. It is so great that you send a letter! :o)