Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

For Christmas we stay home, we use to go visit all our family which I really really miss alot! But years ago we decided to make our own family traditions. I remember transitioning from traveling to see family to decideing to make our own traditions seemed very different at first. We were use to a zillion family memebers being around and a zillion gifts to buy, wrap, and then how to bring all the stuff back home that we recieved. But after a couple years we started to really love just being home.  Now that our kids are older they love being home and never want to go anywhere. We love the Christmas season...Christmas Eve Service at church, Terry's home made potatoe soup, playing with our kids, eating goodies that I bake, pop corn ball night,  Santa coming in the night, waking up xmas morning to see what he brought..(this year Grace was up at 3a.m. to tell us he had been here). Hanging out relaxing on xmas day and enjoying a nice candle light dinner that night. Merry Christmas everyone, we hope that your Christmas was Christ filled and that you have many blessings in the next year!

 Bailey 15, Gracie 3, (dog-Phoebee), Amanda 13
 Above...we were laughing at the dog..shes laying so crazy!!

Pop corn balls night- this is a tradition that we use to do our at my grandma Schmidts while I was growing up, then my aunt Jeanie took over and we did it at her house, now we have done it at our house for the past 13 years. :-) Im sure at least one or two of my kids will continue it and the yummy handed down recipe!! 
 Even though Amanda got many gifts, this was the ONE and only thing she really wanted!!
  Bailey thought it was awesome that Great Grandma Richards sent money in his socks :-)

Whoo hooo Gracie.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

It's her "new" smile..with keeping her mouth closed..cute huh.

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Waiting4OurAngel said...

Merry Christmas!! Love the traditions and Hannah has the same guitar:)