Friday, July 16, 2010

"My First Kiss" Dolphin style!

Discover Cove is definetly a vacation spot to hit if you can! It is one place that was so relaxing. You get there and check in right at 8am. The cost is a little high, but it was for sure worth it for the day. They feed you breakfast and a big lunch, drinks and food all day long are included in your cost. Today I am sharing the highlight for me which was kissing and swimming with the Dolphins. THis has been a dream come true for me. With your family pass you get one dophin swim. My family all voted for me to do it since I have dreamed about it for so long. What a great experience to feel, touch, kiss, and swim with such an amazing animal. They are so sweet!

The boys loved the coral reef, they swam in that all day long snorkeling. There were amazing fish they were just in awhhh over. And the thrill of swimming right there with them was amazing to them. The set up in this park is all like a beach, sand and chairs all set up. You feel like you are at the beach and you just go to whatever you want to do. Swim with the fish, do the lazy river, go see the birds ..this is what Amanda and Grace loved because the birds just land on your hand and you can feed them. It was such a relaxing day Gracie even napped for 2 hours. I vote this a 10 !!

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