Thursday, July 1, 2010

He passed the test!

Well it is official..Bay passed his driving test the first time. Don't worry is only a permit which means he drives only with us in the seat next to him. This is him driving us home. :-) I am really proud of him, he is becoming a young man. He has a summer job mowing lawns and does a great job.

As for driving....I really was not ready for this at all. He is growing up on me, and I have had to learn to let go just a little bit more to give him room. This also comes with trusting that God will watch over him when I can not. I have always been a pretty cautious/protective mom, any of my close friends would attest to that one. :-) I feel like time is passing so quickly and I want it to slow down a bit. Another reason a vacation sounds so great to us all so that we can just slow down. I think when we are running such a fast pace in life this makes times go just a little faster..or so it seems!

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