Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our First Christmas with Gracie

This Christmas is extra special for our whole family. It makes me remember last year at this time and when we were anticipating getting a referral call. It seems like we have had her forever, but yet at this time last year, we did not even know who our sweet baby was yet. Even though the call did not come before Christmas like we would have liked it to, we did get to see our baby for the first time on January 13th. So this year as we celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, we are reminded also of what good the Lord has brought to our family with the miracle of bring us our sweet baby girl that was born in Busan Korea. Isn't it amazing ....How the Lord knows all things, and has perfect timing! Thank you Lord for your son and all that he brought to this world!


our Miracle from God..

She would just have loved if she could just sit on this box all night long!

Amanda and Gracie playing in a big box.
Amanda is so cute, she is always saying out of the blue..."I just love this baby of ours"! Our love for our baby is soooo amazing! It makes me want one more! :-)

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Stacey said...

ADORABLE!!! God is so good! I remember this time last year for you was so tough but look, she was so worth the wait!
Luv Ya!