Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More from the weekend...

Working on Thanksgiving day at my mom's store was fun...after our big dinner, my mom needed our help re-doing displays in her store, so some of us girls went to work with her..Turned out to be a fun afternoon. In the photo from left to right is: My Grandma Hope, Me, Chungjee (our exchange student), My Mother, Lindsey (my sister in law). 

Later we went to my Grandma Hopes house to have Christmas with her since we would not be back home again for a while. It is always special to spend time with my Grandma! This is our kids Great Grandma!!! This will be our second year without my Grandpa here with us, so that was a little sad being there when you are use to Gramps sitting in his chair and all the things we would get to talk to him about. But the day was still special, and as usual Grandma made all kinds of goodies and spoiled the kids with gifts and most of all her love!!  They all adore her!

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