Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Korean University Magazine Publishes our family...and more...

To top off the great night we had, we were surprised to see that Soobeum published our family in the Kyung Hee University Magazine called "The university Life". We are the little picture on the right side and article about our family and the exchange program here. My heart is very touched by him doing this. It is something special to our family and something we will always remember. As Gracie grows up I think she will also think it is pretty cool!

Soobeum and JK "trying" to play the piano together! These two are totally funny guys!!

Bailey being dorky and walking on big foam from the tv box...Grace thought he was a giant!

Really seriously all kids need are a box. With in about 5 minutes these two were cutting little windows and doors in this box...way cute..

In case your wondering why we are all wearing the same thing in the last three posts ..it is because it is all from the one same night. :-)
The exchange program for the students from South Korea are only for one semester, which you all know what that means, they will all be heading back home before Christmas. I just hate goodbyes, they will be hard to do. We have of course gotten to know them really well and they will always be special to our family! Till then we will cherish more fun times with them before they have to go back home. Im excited to be building a community of friends in Korea. When we go back we will have much family and friends to visit. Next semester more students will be coming so we will be excited to mee them as well, and see who God will bring into our lives!

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